What We Do

James River Remodeling LLC is a Design + Build firm that focuses on mid to high-end kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are our specialty. We generally do not do other construction services like new construction, additions, attics, basements, or exterior projects. We handle the kitchen and bathroom remodel from start to finish. We pride ourselves in producing superior craftsmanship and well-designed kitchen and bathroom renovations. Our commitment to quality is second to none. It is all in the details.

Where We Work

James River Remodeling LLC is located in Richmond, Virginia. We specifically choose to work within a narrow radius that includes the West End of Henrico County, Northern Chesterfield County (like Bon Air or Midlothian), or in The Museum and Fan Districts in the city. It is beneficial to have all our jobs close to one another and near our office and vendors.

No, I Don't Want A Mess!!!

We are the best at controlling the chaos that occurs in construction. We stand by our commitment to control dust and maintain order at your home during the renovation. We are organization freaks, who know that homeowners appreciate that we maintain a well organized jobsite and prevent dust from moving throughout their home. So often is the case that contractors make a mess of the clients home. That is not us. We care about your home.