Our Process

James River Remodeling LLC is a Design + Build company that provides superior kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Our well organized seven step process ensures that a remodeling project moves forward without the usual hiccups that plague the industry and give contractors a bad reputation. We pride ourselves by our professionalism, organizational skillset, attention to detail, and superior craftsmanship. We are passionate about our work and want to make you a believer.


Step One – Introduction

As a Design + Build company we offer a straightforward process to move a project from its inception all the way to a finished project. Our process begins with a qualifying email or phone call discussing the remodel to make sure we are a fit for your project. In this email or phone call, we will briefly introduce ourselves, ask questions about why you would like to remodel, discuss planning and construction timelines, and talk about your budget.


Step Two – Free Consultation

If it is determined that we work in your area and that your kitchen or bathroom remodel falls within our parameters, we will set up a In-Home meeting. In that meeting we will discuss project overview, floor plan options, selection overview, and talk more about realistic budgets. It is important for the homeowner to know that there are a multitude of options and various price points for selections that can determine a scope of work for a kitchen and bathroom remodel. There is no standard cost for a kitchen and bathroom remodel. For us to design a project for you we need to have an idea of what realistic budget you have to work with. We will discuss this further and let you know what budget range we think the project will fall into.


Step Three - Design

Step three begins with the signing of a Design Agreement otherwise known as a Project Development Retainer. The client is not obligated to move forward with construction by signing this agreement. It is a separate service from construction. A design agreement says James River Remodeling will work with you (the client) to design the work you want done on your home, incorporating your ideas and selections and making the design fit your budget. There is extensive project planning involved with defining a scope of work, field measures, design, selecting homeowner allowance options, and forming a fixed price quotation for your remodel. When the planning has been completed, the proposal will be submitted to you for your review. A design agreement fee is a small percentage of the assumed project budget. A down payment of 50% will be due upon the signing of the agreement.


Step Four – Design Review Meeting

Design will be presented and pre-construction topics will be discussed. The remaining 50% of the Design Agreement will be due at this time. Final preparations will be made with the planning and contractual documents. The homeowner will at this point need to make a decision, whether during the meeting, or thereafter about proceeding with the construction.


Step Five – Schedule Retainer

A Letter of Intent Agreement will be signed by both parties putting the project on the schedule for production. The agreement protects both the homeowner and the contractor from the other withdrawing from the proposed work timeline. A last-minute change of heart could be very costly when dealing with production schedules. This fee is a small percentage of the budget and will be deducted from the contract price when work begins. The project will be put on the production schedule and a permit will be applied for at this time if necessary. Important materials will be ordered in advance to make sure everything is ready before work begins.


Step Six – Build

The Construction Contract Documents will be put together and signed by both parties. The contract is written to protect both homeowner and contractor. It will be a fixed budget with pricing remaining stable unless Authorized Change Orders are agreed to by both parties. Change orders are usually authorized if there is an unforeseen problem or a change in scope of work. Peace of mind during construction is important and a well-planned project provides a more certain chance that the project will come in on budget. A down deposit, usually between 5% to 15% of the project will be due upon signing the construction contract. Construction will begin and every effort will be made to make the process go as smoothly as possible. There will be steps taken to ensure that the home stays clean and orderly during construction. Working hours are usually Monday through Friday and between 8:30 and 4:30. We are determined to ensure that the client knows that we are professional, responsible, honest, hardworking craftsmen and project managers. Our lead carpenter will remain onsite every workday to ensure everything is going as planned. We have a close long-lasting relationship with our licensed subcontractors, like our plumbers, electricians, tile, and glass contractor. The majority of labor is done by our employees to ensure a quality product. Every effort will be made to make the client feel that we are on their team, with their interests at hand. We believe remodeling is a team effort, one between we the general contractor, the subcontractors, and the homeowner. We strive for clear communication and a transparent process to keep worries at bay during what can be a stressful time for the homeowner.


Step Seven – Enjoy

We will ensure that all the punch list items are complete and that you are happy with the finished product. We offer a two-year labor guarantee so you can be confident you are receiving skilled, quality work. All materials are covered by manufacturers warranties (not our labor warranty) as they will have been installed to their specifications. All work will be done to code and will be inspected by the local building department if necessary. Remember, we are only a email or phone call away, if something needs more attention, let us know and we will come back, that is our promise. It is time to enjoy your new custom space.