Our commitment to providing superior mid to high end kitchen and bathroom renovations means that we price our projects at a premium. We are not the contractor to contact if you are looking for the lowest bid. We can not compete with "two guys and a truck" who have zero overhead expenses and claim they know what they are doing. Contractors have a bad reputation for a reason, and that is because almost anyone with a tape measure and a truck can start a construction business. That doesn't mean you should hire them. We are transparent with our costs. Buyer beware! Entering into an agreement with a shady contractor is a recipe for disaster. We may not be able to compete with the lowest bidders, but our prices are competitive with the other professional design/build firms in town and our finish product is the best around.

A Design + Build company has two main types of services that make up a process for kitchen and bathroom renovations. There is a design phase and a construction phase that are independent of one another. The construction phase falls under the main production budget and contractor agreement. The most critical phase however is the design phase. In the design phase all the necessary planning gets done to determine the price of the project and the scope of work. Where bad contractors fail the most, it is in the details, the poor planning that causes disaster to the overall product and the budget.
A properly planned project that ensures a high percentage success rate starts with a Design Agreement between the homeowner and contractor. Our Design Agreement Fees are a small percentage of the assumed project budget. The client is not obligated to move forward with construction after design has been completed. They are two separate contracts.

Typical Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Costs

For reference, we are providing typical remodeling costs to help you understand what to expect. It is important to know that each job is unique and it is in the details and scope of work that determine the cost of a project. There are well over 100+ costs associated with a kitchen or bathroom remodel, all having a unique cost to each individual job. This is a good reason why it is important to hire someone to spend the necessary time and energy to nail down all the costs before starting a remodel. Planning and preparation are critical for a project to be a success.

Kitchen and bathroom remodels have a number of allowance selections as we call them that drastically vary in costs. For instance, Kitchen cabinetry can cost as little as $5K or be as much as $50K+. Plumbing fixtures and appliances could range from $100 to $20K+ depending on how many there are to be purchased and at what price point. Again, the variables are the deciding factors in cost. Same goes with bathrooms. You get the idea. Then there are other scenarios like taking down walls or other alterations. Often, one alteration produces a domino effect requiring other alterations to be done. Nothing is as straightforward as you might think.

Below are some examples of typical costs:

Kitchen Remodels - Each remodel is unique, and costs can vary. Especially, if walls are to be removed or hardwood floors need to be patched and refinished.

  • Small Kitchen Remodel $30K to $50K+
  • Large Kitchen Remodel $50K to $85K+
  • Luxury Small Kitchen Remodel $55K to $90K+
  • Luxury Large Kitchen Remodel $85K to $150K+

Bathroom Remodels - Each Remodel is unique, and costs can vary. If additional work needs to be done to a closet or bedroom, additional costs will apply.

  • Half Bath Remodel $5K to $20+
  • Economy Small Bath Remodel $15K to $25K
  • Economy Large Bath Remodel $25K to $35K
  • Midgrade Small Bath Remodel $20K to $35K
  • Midgrade Large Bath Remodel $40K to $55K+
  • Luxury Small Bath Remodel $35K to $50K+
  • Luxury Large Bath Remodel $50K to $100K+